this is just between you and me..

Reason, like the self of which it is faculty, has to transcend itself. As long as it remains turned toward the senses, to the material world, it will always remain defective, unable to discover the Truth.

—Bede Griffiths

The human being is a being that needs to know and to love/be loved. No matter how much we succeed in knowing, there always is a further question that leads to more answers, but also more questions. This is even more the case when it comes to love. Our need to be embraced by the love of another and to respond with a self-giving embrace of the other is tremendously satisfying - but never really satisfied. In the love we feel from, or give to, another (or others), we feel the tug of a greater Love. Actually it is in loving and being loved by finite others that we love and are loved by the infinite Other. We are “finite beings capable of the Infinite.”

I wish it was easier to tell you that I love you, how much I love you

You’ll never know dear how much I love you


"The journey between your head and your heart, my brothers and sisters, is the longest journey that you are ever going to go on in this life."

- Mark Hart

In my heart there is no faith — no love — no trust — there is so much pain — the pain of longing, the pain of not being wanted. I want God with all the powers of my soul — and yet there between us — there is terrible separation.

—Mother Teresa

Are you done? Hurting me back, i mean. Because if you aren’t, I’m going to need to special order thicker skin or something.

- Addison

This community is one that overflows with blessings. So thankful